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The story of John and Amber (Or How Social Media Changed Your Life)

John met Amber on a party where they were invited through a Facebook event made by their friend Zack. It was casual: they talked about their 24 mutual friends, recalling jokes from 9gag and soon they found themselves the last person that was left on Zack’s party. They quickly exchange phone numbers and, of course, added as friend on Facebook.

It wasn’t long for them to be in a relationship. Everything went perfectly well: they enjoy travelling and never forget to check-in and collecting badges on Foursquare, they also share their stories on Tumblr and pictures on Flickr. It was their happiest moment. But that was before George, a long time admirer of Amber, start making annoying comments on Amber’s status updates. She ignored him at the beginning, but now she really upset with George’s immaturity.

Deciding that unfriending George as too much of an action, Amber decided to deactivate her Facebook account and moved to Google+. Soon she found that the circles to be very useful and she met with new friends, which also think that Facebook was dreadful. She also started uploading her travelling videos to YouTube, thanks to Google’s seamless integration. She also found new talent on cooking Mediterranean dishes, owing to recipes she found on Pinterest.

How about John? He still has his Facebook account to keep up with his colleagues, but now many of his friends had a LinkedIn account as well. “It’s basically a Facebook for serious, professional people,” said Andrew, a long time friend of John. So he decided to give it a try. It was awesome: he got recommendations from his previous employers and now had two job offers—which he refused by the way—thanks to LinkedIn.

John and Amber also decided to use Twitter to communicate. It was simple enough for them, who need Facebook’s thousand long characters if John just wanted to ask Amber about their choice of food for tonight’s date? It seems that all was well until they found a new social media called Path.

It looks brilliant in the beginning: it’s kind of merging Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Flickr into one website. Not to mention its gorgeous interface. But one thing unsettling Amber’s mind: she found that John’s high school friend, Kathy, seems to always visiting John’s profile page and sending cute emotions in almost every post John made, vice versa. Amber was outrageous.

John was not aware of his actions, he never thought that Path would work equally horrible as his first social media, Friendster: you can always see who had visited your profile page. They had a big fight that night. Later in the morning Amber had protected her tweets and John’s attempt to enter Amber’s Google+ circle—he created his Google+ profile that same day—failed miserably. Finally, one week after the night they were having fight, John decided to update his Facebook’s relationship status into: Single.

From that day John decided to unplug all his social media life and dedicated his life on writing fictions, science fiction to be precise. And yes, to deliver good news for the readers, he finally found another girl named Lily. But it seems unfortunate that later he found that Lily was kind of obsessed with social media called Plurk, with all of its karma values…

The End.

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