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The story of John and Amber (Or How Social Media Changed Your Life)

March 15, 2012 Leave a comment

John met Amber on a party where they were invited through a Facebook event made by their friend Zack. It was casual: they talked about their 24 mutual friends, recalling jokes from 9gag and soon they found themselves the last person that was left on Zack’s party. They quickly exchange phone numbers and, of course, added as friend on Facebook.

It wasn’t long for them to be in a relationship. Everything went perfectly well: they enjoy travelling and never forget to check-in and collecting badges on Foursquare, they also share their stories on Tumblr and pictures on Flickr. It was their happiest moment. But that was before George, a long time admirer of Amber, start making annoying comments on Amber’s status updates. She ignored him at the beginning, but now she really upset with George’s immaturity.

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