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Read some posts from fellow muslims condemning foreign media (CNN, BBC, etc) for not using the word “terrorist” in the Norway attack. True?

Well I tried to google “terrorist” attack in norway for each foreign media (site:cnn.com for example) for the past week. Note the use of “…”.

So I asked google to be specific by never omitting the word “terrorist” & limiting the time range. The result?

Results (# of link): cnn.com 356, reuters 260, aljazeera.net 27, bbc.co.uk 97, nytimes.com 172, guardian.co.uk 136, spiegel.de 28.

So it seems that these mainstream media are still using the word “terrorist” in relation with the Norway attack. How about the intensity?

Now let’s compared with “terrorist” attack Mumbai which happens in 2008, one of the bloodiest attack by Islamist. Again, search by sites.

Again, time range is one week after the tragedy (28 Nov–4 Dec 2008). Results: cnn.com 137, reuters.com 77, aljazeera.net 5, bbc.co.uk 81…

… nytimes.com 152, guardian.co.uk 216, spiegel.de 7. Oh I forgot to mentioned that the word “Norway” and “Mumbai” are quoted as well.

In fact, the use of “terrorist” word for the latest attack is higher than Mumbai attack. This result, however, based only on google search.

I also limit for only those 2 deadly attacks. Moreover, the tone of the sentences are not analyzed.

With this simple research I just wanted to say that please don’t just follow your emotion while reading someone’s post, be a bit rational.

Sense of belonging (of being Muslim) might direct you to do spreading unconfirmed facts that you may regret later. Be careful.

If you find some exaggerating news from your friend, at least try to google it first to confirm its trueness, then decide what to do next.

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