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1. Portraiture Lecture by Jan Banning, Erasmus Huis August 14th, 2010. Transcript: http://bit.ly/byC9ci

2. My reasons for coming up with these subjects are that…my father and my grandfather…work as slave labors as Romusha [in Indonesia].
3. So…your choice of subjects…starts from the heart and from there you work on with your mind.
4. One vital point for me was that although my father had been talking a lot about this with me, he had never spoken one single word about it with his own father.
5. So two people with the same experience having a very different reaction. So basically this what I want to do is about bridging past and present.
6. “what is a portrait?” I think it is…a meeting between two people. Now how are you going to grasp what a person is if you don’t know him?
7. I’m not entering a room to photograph someone as a photographer, but first of all I am entering as a person.
8. So the way the other person is going to react to me has a lot to do with how I behave. I’m not just behind the camera, I’m a person.
9. For portraiture, digital camera is one of the most difficult things and you should throw it away and start to use an old camera because you can’t looking the images right away so you will be contacting people.
10. That do that among yourselves and you will notice the difference in your own reaction. If you work like this, there’s no contact!
11. You have contact with your camera but not with the person. That will never lead to a good portrait. You are there as a person first and only second as a photographer.
12. We as photographer or whatever we are, I think we have a role play in society and I think we should try to take that responsibility.

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